Speck pumps

BADU Galaxy

The BADU Galaxy is a self-priming pool pump range.
Speck has used 100% recyclable plastic to produce this pump range. The pump was engineered by Germany to ensure superior performance while keeping noise down to a quiet operation.

BADU Eco Touch

Due to a highly innovative motor technology, the self-priming BADU Eco Touch has excellent energy efficiency. Other benefits are that it is designed for quiet operation, Simple servicing, Corrosion-resistant 100% recyclable plastic parts, German Engineered, total electrical separation etc. The system is simple and effective.

BADU Porpoise

The BADU Porpoise range of pumps combines recyclable material with innovative German design and engineering to produce one of the most efficient pumps in the market. It can be installed 3m above or below water level. The pump must be installed on a flat surface that would not flood in heavy rain.

BADU 45 Spa Pump

Size-for-size the Speck BADU 45 bath/spa pump range is the most powerful self-draining bath/spa pumps on the South African market. The self-draining unit was kept from the proven BADU 44 series.
The BADU 45 range of pumps is designed in Germany by Speck Pump’s development engineers and manufactured to strick quality specifications. Because these pumps are designed for luxury baths and spas, great care has been taken to keep the measurements minimized without sacrificing the performance. The BADU 45 has achieved compact high performance bath/spa pump status. For hygiene reasons, if installed correctly the self-drainage feature ensures that all the water is drained out of the pump casing when the bath is emptied and the front union loosened.

BADU Resort

The BADU Resort is easy to install as well as easy to maintain.
The pump has a big strainer tank making the cleaning intervals stretch further.
The pump is also self-primming. Fields of application include hotel pools, pool attractions, massage baths or public pools.

BADU Magic

The BADU range was focused for it's quality, workmanship and functional durability.
More than a million BADU range pumps are powering countless swimming pools, koi ponds and spas all over the world.
The BADU Magic range of pumps is designed for applications in small filtration plants, splash pools, koi ponds and
water features. The pump can be installed maximum 2m above or 3m below water level.

BADU Picco

The BADU Picco is the budget-priced, compact and energy-saving self-priming pump for applications in small filtration plants, splash pools, Koi ponds and water features. Built according to Speck Pumps quality standards, the pump can be installed a max. of 1.5m above or a max. of 3m below the water level.


The BADU Koi sand filter has been improved for easy manual back washing and maintenance.
The tank is a roto-molded one piece polyethylene tank for strength and leakage revention.
Key features include: automatic air relief system, non-corrosive and UV resistant material, non-toxic and durable,twelve angled free flow internal collector arms, improved water filtration for healthy fish.

JUMBO filter

The JUMBO Filter is specifically designed for the large pool market like resort pools, hotel pools, municipal pools, school pools and industrial applications. The JUMBO Filter is ideal to use with the Badu Galaxy pump.

The JUMBO Filter is a one piece moulded polyethylene tank and is fitted complete with our smooth operating side mounted Multiport valve for easy selection of standard operating features.