Swimming pool pumps

Swimming pool pumps for sale

What is a swimming pool pump ?

A pool pump is a specialised pump with the designed purpose of circulating swimming pool water. Without a swimming pool pump there would be no way of cleaning the bottom of the pool, fine particles or circulate chlorine throughout the pool.

Swimming pool systems

The pump typically is connected to a skimmer which pulls water from the pool. The pump then pushes it through the filter, and returns it to the pool through the main returns. If the pressure on the top of the filter is reading lower than the recommended levels, and if the amount of water flowing back to the pool has decreased, it is possible that the impeller is either clogged or damaged.

The swimming pool pump filters

The hair and lint trap is a collection basket, which should be checked and emptied at least twice per week. If the basket were clogged, the flow of water into the pump would be restricted and the pump would begin to pump air instead of water. This is known as a "loss of prime". At this point, the motor would begin to turn faster, and would eventually burn out. If this basket were not present, the impeller could become clogged leading to less preventable issues.

How often to run the swimming pool pump

A swimming pool pump should be run accordingly during the summer and winter months. Naturally swimming pools are used more during the summer and therefore should be used twice as much as compared to the winter months, where the recommended usage is 4-5 hours per day.

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