Layflat Hose

Lay-flat Hose

As the name suggest, it has the ability to collapse flat when not in use and is used for water transport. It is mainly used for irrigation, fire fighting, Mining and construction(de-watering) when there is need to adapt to changing topography. They are two types of lay-flat hose, heavy duty and medium duty. Heavy duty is used for extremely challenging work and the medium duty is used to handle less stresses.

Advantages of Lay-flat Hose

• Fast Deployment and Removal.

They can be deployed and removed quickly using light duty trailers because they come in long and continuous lengths.

• Low Operating Costs.

They allow for low pressure loss therefore allowing efficient pumping. At maximum
operating pressure they can swell to increase their diameter by 10%. Since they are flexible, path
cutting work is reduced as well as the need for fittings resulting in reduced labour and equipment

• Easy Transport and Storage

They are compact and light in weight making their transport easy and making theirPVC layflat hose-water discharge hose-lay flat hose storage footprint small. As a result, accessibility to challenging locations is greatly improved.

Flexible layflat hoses offer many advantages over more inflexible types of hoses or pipes, for example in terms of transport and storage volumes, handling and usage.

The vast majority are those with braided or spun reinforcement, like hydraulic and garden hoses. The amount of reinforcement decides the burst pressure. This is why people equal thickness of hose wall with strength. Tensile strength or end pull is limited, and when such a hose is pulled hard, the braiding will cut into the stretched hose and the hose delaminates.

We offer Layflat hose in the following specifications:
Sizes from 25 mm to 200 mm
Working pressures from 3 to 24 Bar

Benefits of Layflat hoses:
Easy storage
Light weight
Fast deployment and retrieval