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  • How to fix your peripheral pump
    What to do when your water pump stops working?Pumps take on a big job moving water at a convenient pressure. They also have to bear with weather conditions especially since most pumps are installed outside and sometimes with no housing. Therefore, pumps will eventually encounter problems or stop functioning all … Read more
  • What water pump should you get for your home water supply.
    The best water pump for home C.R.I iprez (get special price) DAB easy box (get special price) Jet pumps (get a special price) The C.R.I iprez pumpsĀ  This pump series is one of the best domestic water booster pumps. The pumps are build with a Variable Speed Drive. What this … Read more
  • Everything you need to know about peripheral pumps.
    Peripheral Pumps are versatile ! These little pumps are very popular because peripheral pumps serve so many purposes. Peripheral pumps are excellent choices for general purpose pumping applications where the water doesn't have any solids. Peripheral pumps can be put in any place where there's enough space for a shoebox; they're … Read more