What water pump should you get for your home water supply.

The best water pump for home

  1. C.R.I iprez (get special price)
  2. DAB easy box (get special price)
  3. Jet pumps (get a special price)

The C.R.I iprez pumps 

This pump series is one of the best domestic water booster pumps. The pumps are build with a Variable Speed Drive. What this feature means is that the pump can deliver constant pressure in the pipe-line. There is a pressure transmitter that monitors the demand and uses the pump speed to maintain the pressure at all times. It also protects the system from running dry, over loading, unbalanced voltage, short circuiting and more. These advantages are huge for having a long pump lifespan, the pump can also be fitted with extra component which will benefit the water system and the pumps lifespan. 
The pump also boasts other features that make it an excellent to delivering independent water under pressure to your home. 

  • Energy efficient means your electricity bill wont skyrocket
  • maintains constant pressure (built-in VFD)
  • Easy to install, place and maintain
  • Adjustable output
  • Stainless Steel pump will further lifespan

Compared to a peripheral pump (read more about these pumps) the C.R.I iPrez pump series are termed Horizontal multistage pumps. These pumps are available in various strengths and are build more durable. They have more protection and features which is why they're a perfect replacement for a small peripheral pump that may be supplying your home with water.

The DAB easy box mini VSD pump

This water pressure solution has a different appearance than other booster sets, it may not be the obvious solution because of this; it just doesn't look like a pump. However once it's installed, you soon realize the comfort and performance the easy box brings.

DAB has installed their most advanced technologies to create a solution that delivers constant pressure according to the system demands, which is programmable and thus optimized for energy consumption.

The DAB easy box is designed for drinkable water, in domestic water systems and gardening. The new 3-rotor model further reduces noise and energy consumption.

Technical features.

  1. OPERATING RANGE: flow rate up to 80l/min; head up to 55m
  2. PUMPED LIQUID: clean, free from solids or abrasive substances, non aggressive, non crystallized.
  3. LIQUID TEMPERATURE RANGE: from 0°C to + 35°C for domestic use and from 0°C + 40°C for other use

Our conclusion:

Because of these matching features and technology, the DAB easy box series is one of the best pump for domestic use to bring running water to your household. However, every specific use needs analysis from technical personnel to ensure the pump will meet the needs of the client.

JET pumps

One of the main advantages of a Jet pump is it's self priming ability. What this means is that the pump as an integrated diffuser, which allows it to start dry and use it's generated suction to draw water in which is where it'll will begin to operate normally.

Jet pumps are a popular pump type and therefore have many brands to select from. JET Self-Priming Centrifugal pumps are designed for applications where negative suction/suction lift is needed. Which is perfect for domestic pressure boosting, small-scale garden irrigation, tank & pool emptying and general water transfer applications.

What is the best pump for your independent domestic water system or home water pressure solutions?

In the above article we shared 3 great choices and gave you links to buy water pumps in Gauteng. However water systems are a complex subject to advise on because if you overcompensate you wont have issues with your water system but you will be paying unnecessary costs to have the system running. Your electrical bill will increased for no extra benefit and that consumption is negatively impacting your finances, the environment and the electrical grid. Therefore we have experienced technical staff who assess the clients needs, we can then suggest the best pump that will serve meet all the clients needs and wants while saving them as much as possible on their future experience using the water pump.
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