Braided hoses for sale

Braided hoses for sale

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Braided Hose

A braided hose is a hose made by weaving stainless steel or sometimes band plates on the outer surface of a flexible hose. The reason is to protect the flexible hose from elongation when it is subjected to internal pressure. There are two basic types of metal braided hose - they differ in design and application.

The two main types are called strip-wound hoses and corrugated hoses. Strip-wound hoses have a high mechanical strength which means they will no tear or snap easily. Corrugated hoses withstand high pressure, provide leak tightness (depending on their material) they also show corrosion resistance and are able to function in the most extreme conditions. Circumstances such as in aggressive seawater, extreme temperatures such as in space corrugated hoses are suited particularly well for conveying hot and cold substances.


Stripwound hoses: consist of loosely interlocked spirals which makes them very flexible but they are not fully leak proof. For this reason, stripwound hoses are often used as protective or insulating casing for inner tubes conveying substances. For instance, in exhaust equipment, casings for electrical lines, in extracting equipment etc.

Corrugated hoses: used as an economical solution where flexibility, thermal expansion and vibrations may be present through the connecting elements. Corrugated hoses are leak-tight hence being used to convey liquids or gases under pressure.

Where are braided hoses used?

The use of a braided hose is not limited. They can be used in situations where the advantages listed above need to be applied.

Benefits of braided hoses

Some advantages of Braided Hoses of both main types above


• Good Chemical Compatibility and wide temperature range: Can be used in extremely low or high temperatures. With the steel braiding allowing them to be chemically compatible.


• Fitting configuration and full vacuum: they are rated to be used for full vacuum and high
pressure. The end connections can be connected in a number of ways such as screwing, welding, soldering and braising

• Vibration absorption and flexible lengths: the braid is able to absorb vibrations which might be in the pipework. They have flexible lengths allowing them to be used for shorter assemblies when required.

• Permeability resistant: other hose type can have gas escape through the walls. The braided hose does not allow gas to escape.


• Fire resistance: Because of the metal braiding these hoses are suitable for fire systems which eliminates the risk of potentially harmful situations.

• Long life expectancy: they can outlive the machine they are being used on with little to no
maintenance if they are being used in the right way (5 to 10 years)

• Protective cover: they are resistant to abrasion and bending stresses and can sometimes be used as a protective cover.

Maintenance for braided hoses?

1. Some hose manufacturers offer an extended warranty period and some have an expiry date on the collar of the hose be on the look out for those.
2. Constantly check the hose for any signs of damage like bulging, rust spots and kinks. This might signal that damage is on the way.
3. Do not install chemicals below sinks if they have braided hoses. This might reduce life span of the hose.

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