Borehole pumps and motors

borehole pump

What exactly is a borehole pump ?

Okay, imagine you have a really big straw that goes deep into the ground. This straw is called a borehole. Now, sometimes we need to get water from deep underground, like from a well. But it's really hard to bring that water up to the surface by just using our hands. That's where borehole pumps come in!

Borehole pumps are like special machines that help us bring the water up from the deep underground. They are like little helpers that make it easier for us to get the water. These pumps are placed inside the borehole, and they have a special mechanism that can push the water up to the surface.

So, when we want water from a well or a deep underground source, we use borehole pumps to bring it up. They do the hard work for us, so we don't have to use our hands or buckets to get the water out.

How does a borehole pump and motor work ?

Borehole pumps are used to extract ground water from deep wells for home, agricultural, construction or commercial use. A complete borehole pump consists of two parts that works together to pump water from a borehole, water well, or deep well, to the surface.

The first part is a borehole pump, also known as the wet end. This has several stages or impellers that pushes the water to the surface

To move the pump's impellers you need a borehole motor, that fits your specific pump. Different combinations of pumps and motors, will give you different efficiency curves. The motor also comes standard with a control box, specific to the size and make of motor.


Where can I get them?

SuperPump Water pumps supplies and installs all borehole pumps. We stock and sell them in our shops , as well as on our online store.

SuperPump stocks all reputable brands of borehole pumps, like Franklin Electric, Grundfos, DAB, Vansan, CRI, Wilo, KSB and many more. For solar pumps, we sell Lorentz pumps, best in class !

We have a wide range of submersible borehole pumps.

  • 3" borehole pumps for residential use, monitoring boreholes, test boreholes.
  • 4" pumps and motors for regular hom and light industrial users.
  • 6" and up to 10" borehole pumps and motors for heavy duty and mining applications, such as dewatering and large scale irrigation borehole pumps

You have the option of plastic, stainless steel or cast iron borehole pumps and motors. We offer both oil filled motors, as well as water filled motors for our boreholes. Our motors range from 0.37Kw up to 185Kw ( larger pumps and motors on special request )

What more do I need to install my borehole pump ?

To install a borehole pump, you will need a few accessories.

1. First, you will need a pipe that goes deep into the ground, called a borehole. This is like a long straw that goes into the earth to reach the water. If you dont have a borehole, you will need to drilling company to drill a borehole for you.

2. You will also need a pump, which is like a machine that helps bring the water up from the ground. The pump is connected to the pipe in the borehole.

3. To power the pump, you will need electricity. So, you will need wires and cables to connect the pump to a power source, like an electrical outlet or a generator. Its also possible to use a solar pump, to save electricity

4. Sometimes, the water from the borehole might have dirt or small particles in it. To make sure the water is clean, you will need a filter. The filter is like a net that catches the dirt and keeps the water clean.

5. Lastly, you will need some tools like wrenches and screws to help you connect all the parts together. These tools are like special toys that help you build things.

One still needs a base plate, borehole casings, submersible cables, safety rope and HDPE pipes to complete the borehole installation. For a more details step by step instruction list, please read our article on how to install a borehole pump

Optionally a water storage tank might also be required, to store water in case there is a power failure, so a person will still have water in the tank.

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