JoJo Water storage Tanks

Water storage tanks, and septic tanks for sale

What are Water storage tanks used for ?

Any situation that requires water to be readily accessed may use a Water storage tank. Households, agriculture, irrigation, fire suppression, commercial food and beverage industries and industrial manufacturing all use water storage tanks to deliver water remotely.

How long do water storage tanks last?

JoJo has recently increased their warranty of their water tanks to 10 continuous years, previously it was 8 however, theyJOJO-2200 – WATER TANK 2200L VERTICAL | JUMBO WAREHOUSE generally last longer than that.
Average life expectancy of a polyethylene tank is 15-20 years or even longer depending on the situation. What greatly affects the life span is the:
Chemical Stored: The first and most obvious factor is the chemical being stored and the operating parameters of the tank.

What are JoJo tanks made from ?

Made from high-quality, UV-resistant polyethylene, JoJo Tanks are used throughout South Africa for storing water, fertilisers, chemicals and any other liquids!

JoJo Tanks are a household name in South Africa as the leading supplier of plastic storage tanks for over 40 years!

What size water storage tank do I need for my house ?

A common question that always depends on your specific circumstances. Give our team a call (at 012 335 8289) and they will make the selection to meet your needs, or alternatively email them (

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