Pump Baseplate Fabrication

What is a baseplate ?

A Base plate is an important part in a structure design. What the baseplate does is assist in the transfer of loads from the main structure to the foundation. The baseplate is directly connected to the foundation as well as the support structure. The base plate thus acts as an conductor between the main structure and the foundation; this completes the exertion forces to the foundation. Base plates are needed because they assist in the even spread of loads to the foundation, and that is important because they will add strength and stability to the two joined structures.

At SuperPump we can fabricate baseplates for all kinds of pumps, regardless of type and size we use raw materials to construct a custom baseplate from scratch, to meet whatever requirements needed for a specific pump. We offer top hat baseplates and channel baseplate with the options of stainless steel, galvanized or paint as a finish.

We can also fit your pump, and align (which is very important and precise) the pump and motor before and during commissioning.