Slurry pumps

What is a slurry pump

slurry pump is a type of pump designed for pumping liquid containing solid particles.

The design and materials used to build the slurry pump can change a lot as slurry pumps need to adapt to the different slurries that may be present. Some examples of different slurries are ones that contain different sized solids, or perhaps different concentrations of solids; the material or composition of the solids are also important to note as rocks have different properties as compared to salts or lime stone. Slurry pumps are also designed to have many of their parts that face wear and tear to be replaceable.

What are slurry pumps used for ?

Slurry pumps are used when we know the liquid being pumps will contain some degree of solids. These pumps are harder to select as the process becomes complicated, not only considering the flow rate, pressure and height that liquid must travel; we also need to consider the exact specifics of the solids and liquid being pumped. As such, slurry pumps are a speciality pump and should only be selected by a competent engineer or sales representative.

Slurry pumps are typically seen in mining and construction sites, transporting abrasive liquids. They can be used in factories like steel producers and even in porting.

At SuperPump, we supply a wide range of abrasion and corrosion resistant slurry pumps. We offer metal, rubber lined slurry pumps, submersible slurry pumps as well as vertical spindle slurry pumps.

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