Lorentz PV Mounting Kit PM-1-6

R8 ,816.36 R7 ,934.72

Pole Mount PM-1-6


Lorentz PV Mounting Kit PM-1-6

Lorentz PV Mounting Kits


  • Total PV-Module* surface up to 8.5 m^2 /(91 ft^2)
  • Capacity of 1 to 6 framed PV-Modules*
  • Fast and simple installation by one installer
  • Statics calculated to European and American standards
  • High reliability and life-expectancy

The PV mount 1-6 can hold 6 PV-modules at the size of 1.6 x 0.8m or 5 PV-modules at 1.7 x 1.0m.