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Lorentz PS2-100 HR14 solar borehole pump

R25 ,518.50

Maximum 30m head and 3.1m^3/h with 300W power

The submersible pump is flexible to serve a wide range of flow and head requirements and designed for the long life needed in productive use cases such as livestock water and irrigation. It is also built to run on free energy.


Lorentz PS2-100 HR14 solar borehole pump

Lorentz PS2-100 solar borehole pump

model HR14

System overview

(package includes pump, motor, control box and 15m cable)

  • Head max. 30m
  • Flow rate max. 3.1m^3/h
  • Recommended power 260W DC

General description

  • High efficiency solar powered water pumping system
  • Submersible helical rotor pump and high efficiency DC brushless motor
  • Plugged connections for customer self install
  • Replaceable cables for long life
  • Multiple pump ends to match local pumping requirements (HR07/14/23)

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