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Atlas Copco WEDA S30N 500-525V Y 50HZ – No Float

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The WEDA D (for drainage) pump range is high quality, light weight and portable – electric submersible pumps, which are specially designed for drainage, sludge and slurry applications. They all operate on 50HZ and this model is a, 500-525V, No Float – WEDA S30N

Atlas Copco WEDA S30N 500-525V Y 50HZ – No Float

WEDA “S” range

WEDA pumps feature a built-in starter and motor protection system along with optional automatic level control. Adjustable wear-resistant rubber diffusers and hardened high-chrome impellers ensure durability in tough environments. Accordingly the WEDA submersible pump range is developed for Drainage (D), Sludge (S)and Slurry (L) applications. These applications call for pumps designed specifically for handling corrosive and abrasive media as well as their solid contents.

The WEDA sludge pumps can handle thick, soft, wet mud or other similarly viscous mixtures of liquids and solids, especially the product of an industrial or refining process.

Applications: water containing mud, sludge or light slurry, tank clean-out, trench or pond cleaning, and mining

  • Water density up to 1400 kg/m3
  • Bottom side discharge design
  • Solid handling 25-50 mm in diameter
  • pH values from 5 to 8