wilo top-s 40/7 230v

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Hot-water heating systems of all kinds, industrial circulation systems, air-conditioning systems and closed cooling circuits

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wilo top-s 40/7 230v

Design of pump and motor

This wet rotor pump is designed to have all rotating parts surrounded by the liquid being pumped and is suitable for single or three phase operation. A shaft seal, which would be subject to wear and maintenance is not required. Depending on the design of the pump, the system fluid lubricates the sleeve bearings and cools both bearings and motor. The pumps (TOP-S & TOP-Z) is maintenance-free and requires no further maintenance after the air bleeding procedure during the initial start-up (no after start-up maintenance). The Wilo model TOP-Z is specially designed for use in conjunction with drinking water circulation systems. Thanks to its design and materials used in its construction the pump is resistant to corrosion from elements in domestic hot water ( drinking water). All materials coming in contact with the delivery medium are NSF/ANSI 61 certified.

Speed setting of TOP-S/TOP-Z pumps

The required speed of the pump can be adjusted manually in 2 positions (Max. and Min.) by moving the switch connector to the relevant socket. Ensure power is turned off prior to changing speeds!