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wilo star z nova

R3 ,773.15

The Wilo RS range is designed for hot-water heating systems of all kinds, industrial circulation systems, cold water systems and air-conditioning systems. This device is constructed with gland-less circulation pump with threaded connection and pre-selectable speed stages for power adjustments.

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wilo star z nova

The pump consists of a hydraulic system, a glandless pump motor with terminal a box. All the rotating parts in the glandless pump are in contact with the fluid, this is also true for the motor rotor. A shaft sealing, which is subject to wear, is not necessary. The fluid lubricates the slide bearings and cools the bearing and the rotor. Motor protection is not necessary. Even the maximum overload current cannot damage the motor. The motor is blocking-current proof.

Variable speed control

If rooms cannot be heated sufficiently, the speed of the pump may be too low. It is then necessary to switch over to a higher speed. If, on the other hand, the pump is set to a speed which is too high, flow noises are created in the lines and in particular at throttled thermostatic valves. They can be resolved by switching to a lower speed. A rotary knob on the terminal box is used to switch over to a different speed stage. The small marking indicates the lowest, and the large marking indicates the highest speed.