wilo hidrainlift 3-37 230v

R9 ,125.25

This device is a compact waste water lifting unit. It is designed for drainage of wastewater

(except for water from toilets).

They are designed gray water such as coming from showers or washbasins. This pump system is very compact, low-noise and a great solution for automatic wastewater lifting. It meets with EN 12050-2, for installation under a shower or in floor units, with all required switching and control equipment.

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wilo hidrainlift 3-37 230v

Wilo Drain TM range

The Drain TM range drainage and submersible waste water pumps are used.

  • for the automatic drainage of pits and shafts
  • for keeping dry yard areas and basement rooms exposed to flooding
  • for lowering surface water

If the waste water is not able to flow off in to the sewer system through natural fall. The pumps are suitable for pumping slightly contaminated water, rainwater, drainage water and washing water.

TMR pumps versions are intended for pumping down to 2mm suction level from the floor. This version is recommended for mobile installation and pumping clear water. The pumps are usually installed under water (submerged) and can only be permanently or transportably installed vertically because of the sheath current cooling, the pumps can also be operated un-submerged.