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wilo star z 15tt

R8 ,925.15

These Wilo Star Z circulation pumps are suitable only for drinking water. Circulation pumps in the Wilo-Star-Z series are used for pumping fluids in the areas of drinking water/industrial water and foodstuffs.

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wilo star z 15tt

Wilo Star-Z range

The circulation pumps in the Wilo-Stratos Star-Z range are coordinated specifically for the operating conditions in domestic hot water circulation systems. Thanks to the choice of materials and design, they are corrosion-resistant to all the constituents in the drinking water. The pump consists of a hydraulic system and a glandless pump motor with terminal box. All the rotating parts in the glandless pump are in contact with the fluid, this is also true for the motor rotor. A shaft sealing, which is subject to wear, is not necessary. The fluid lubricates the plain bearings and cools the bearing and the rotor. Motor protection is not necessary. Even the maximum overload current cannot damage the motor. The motor is blocking-current proof.