Wilo SM 5.5kw 400v oil filled borehole motor

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This Wilo SM 5.5kw 400v is a motor for the Wilo borehole SPU pump range. It is part of the XI4 SPU Borehole motor range that is oil filled which improves performance and life expectancy. This model operates on three phase 400v AC power supply. It’s ratted wattage is 5.5kw outputting above average volumes.

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Wilo SM 5.5kw 400v oil filled borehole motor


Fully submersible, multistage pump motor with radial or semi-axial impellers with a shroud design for vertical or horizontal installation, with built-in non-return valve. Corrosion-resistant single-phase or three-phase AC motor for direct starting with oil filling, equipped with a sand guard and mechanical seal, as well as self-lubricating bearings. The motor is cooled by the fluid. Therefore, the unit must always be immersed when operated. A cooling shroud is required for horizontal installation. For pumping water out of boreholes with a maximum immersion depth of 200 m and a maximum sand content of 150 g/m^2