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Tsurumi 350B645 380V

R1 ,172 ,169.70

This pump operates on a 45KW motor, the outlet of this model is 350mm. This pump comes with a 10m cable and can handle solids of up to 90mm in diameter. This pump’s dry weight is 1550kg, built by Tsurumi, this pump belongs to the Tsurumi B-series channel type.

Tsurumi 350B645 380V

Tsurumi B Series

Our B Series non-clog pumps are used primarily in municipal water supply stations and sewage treatment plants for pumping water, sewage, and digested sludge. In industry, these pumps are efficient for controlling cooling water, process and wastewater, and abrasive materials.

Solids handling, non-clog submersible pump designed for raw sewage and wastewater in municipal, industrial and commercial applications. Multiple impeller types for maximum flexibility. 2″-8″ discharge size.

Special Features:

  • Semi-open, single vane impellers (1 hp – 5 hp models)
  • Enclosed multi-vane impellers (7.5 hp – 30 hp models)
  • Field adjustable/replaceable wear plates
  • Highly efficient air filled motors for continuous duty operation
  • Available with class E, B, F insulation to minimize operation costs. Double inside mechanical seals with Sic-Sic faces operate in a separate oil-filled chamber.
  • Anti-wicking block prevents water incursion to the stator if cable is accidentally damaged
  • Double-shielded, permanently lubricated high-temp C3 ball bearings rated for B-10 life of 60,000 hours