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Lorentz PowerPack

R8 ,070.13

PP600 FOR PS600 Systems


Lorentz PowerPack

Lorentz PP600H AC PowerPack


  • AC input: 120V or 240V (?15 %), selectable, 47 to 63Hz
  • AC input current: 6.2A (120V) or 3.1A (240V)
  • PV input voltage: Vmp: 130V DC, depending on pump controller max. voltages
  • PV max open circuit voltage: 200V DC depending on pump controller max. voltages
  • DC output: 120V DC (no load), 700W
  • Overload protection: internal fuse, 15A
  • Enclosure: steel, gasket-sealed, indoor-use, hinged front cover with key-lock
  • Must be protected from direct mid-day sun
  • Enclosure class: IP22
  • Ambient temperature: max. 45?C