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Brass foot valve

R327.83R1 ,128.87

Brass foot valves keep liquid flow from reversing which improves performance and keeps pumps primed. Unlike some check valves, foot valves come with a screen that will catch debris and there need to be maintained.


Brass foot valve

Brass foot valve

What is a foot valve

A brass foot valve is a type of check valve which is installed at a pump end or at the end of a pipe line which gives it the name – foot valve. Foot valves are similar to ball check valves which you can read more about here. Although foot valves have a shield or screen for debris.

These brass valves can be used in ponds, pools and essentially anywhere there is a pump. Foot valves are used to keep the pump primed, letting liquid to flow in and not flowing back out. However because they have screens or baskets they tend to get blocked and will need regular cleaning to keep pump performance up.