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Heavy duty layflat hose – Borequip hose

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Heavy duty layflat hose – Borequip hose

Borequip hose is short for the more descriptive – Borequip flexible rising main hose (FRM) . This type of hose is used in many submersible pump applications in the agricultural, mining, municipal, environmental, industrial and solar-power industries. They are sought for their superior adaptability compared to other systems. They are also much lighter than steel, borequip hose is ideal for use in confined spaces where headroom is an issue. Interestingly enough Borequip FRM hose was actually designed to replace rigid pipes such as steel which are subject to rust and encrustation. These rough internal structures of the pipe then reduces flow rates and pump efficiency is lost as it battles against the friction losses.

Other pipes such as PVC and poly pipe can also be used to avoid rust and encrustation but they also tend to be brittle or bend and are difficult to work with especially in long lengths.