Submersible cables

Submersible cables for sale

What is a Submersible Cable?

A type of electrical equipment used to transmit electrical current to submersible motors for water pumps or pump motors in wet conditions. They can be used in Boreholes, de-watering tanks and submersible pumps.

How does 3 core and 4 core wires compare?

A 4 core cable is used for motors which uses a control box with a starting capacitor. The

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wires have 3 hot leads plus a ground connection. On the other hand a 3 core is for electrical motors with a built in device to start the motor. It has two hot leads plus an earth cable.

What are the characteristics of Submersible Cable?

• Abrasion resistance so as to protect the wires against wear and tear.
• To minimise chances of fire the cables are made to be fire retardant.
• High grade insulation material is used for the cables.
• They are temperature resistant to work in conditions of high temperature
• improved electrical conductivity to improve performance of the electrical equipment they service.
• When it comes to water they are chemically inert. They do not react with water.

How do is a Submersible Cable Selected?

When selecting a submersible the following is usually considered:
• Electricity requirements of the electrical equipment.
• International standards are also considered when selecting the cables.
• The voltage rating on the electrical equipment.
• Environment is also an important factor when selecting a cable.
Disadvantages of Submersible Cables?
• They have limited use due to their structure. They can only be used in harsh environments.
• Sometimes their installation requires trained personnel.
• When compared to non-submersible cables we can see that they are expensive.

Are you looking for borehole cables ?

Submersible cable is a specialized product to be used for a submersible pump in a deep well, or in similarly harsh conditions. The cable needed for this type of application must be durable and reliable. As such, submersible pump cable can be used in both fresh and salt water.

We have a wide range of submersible cable depending on your needs.

We can supply anything from 1.5mm cable up to 50mm of submersible cable, suitable for 220V up to 380V. These cables are available in 3 core or 4 core combinations

If you want to know which size cable you might need, please look at our submersible cable size selection table for reference.