Foras pumps


Single-impeller centrifugal pump with a silent operation making it suitable for domestic, civil, and industrial applications. The head vs flow curve is flat over a wide range giving a constant head as the flow rate varies.


Twin-impeller centrifugal pump, ideal for booster sets for use in industrial and civil applications. Cast iron pump with a noryl® or brass impeller. It reaches a maximum of 8bar pressure.


A centrifugal drainage pump offering a high head. The grinder gives the pump an edge allowing it to pump sewage containing fibrous material, suspended solids, and industrial or civil waste that needs to be crushed. It is suitable for both fixed and mobile installations.

Plus Range

Stainless steel vertical multistage pump for pumping clean fluids without particles. It is ideal for pressurizing system; irrigation; drinking and glycol water; water treatment; food industry; heating and air conditioning; washing system.


A flanged pump manufactured according to EN 733 standards. Connections vary from suctions of 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, and 100mm. Power ranges from 2.2kW to 30kW. It is a horizontal monobloc centrifugal pump ideal for water supplies, pressurization, fire-fighting systems, cooling, heating, irrigation, industrial and agricultural applications; standard supply with counter-flange.