Float switches

Float switches: a controller for water pumps for sale

What is a Float Switch ?

A float is a device used as a level gauge. It detects the level of liquid in a tank or and enclosure. Floats
ride partially submerged on the liquid surface(Archimedes principle) and move with the liquid as the
liquid level changes, depending with the application a float switch opens or closes an electrical circuit to
alter the flow of an electrical current to a connected device(pump/valves). They are used to control valves
or pumps to allow water in or out as required by the respective applications. They are mostly used on
sump pumps to drain water in reservoir, once the water level is low they send signals to the pump to
switch off.

Float Switch Wiring - How to connect a float switch

• Normally closed float switch: in this system they open in the up position and close in the down
position. When the liquid level rise to certain position the switch will open and it closes when the
liquid decreases to certain level. This type may be used to fill up a tank.
• Normally open: this float switch is closed in the up position and open in the down position. This
is usually used to drain a tank. As the liquid level rises the switch will close and open when then
the liquid level drops.
Common float switch uses
• used in sump and sewage pits to avoid flooding
• beverage companies use them to fill or empty their tanks.
• Air conditioning systems as well as refrigeration systems use them to monitor water level.
• They are also used for portable water control to turn pumps on and off in filling up water tanks.

What are the types of Float Switches?

Float switches are divided into two categories, cable mounted switch and stem mounted switch.
Cable mounted: they are free to move and go with the flow as far as the cable allows and usually have a
counter weight which is used to adjust to the point of the liquid level needed to turn the pump on or off.
When the liquid level rises or falls the magnet in the switch opens or close the switch by moving towards
the reed switch or away from the reed switch.
Stem Mounted: as a result of the stem, they have constricted movement. The floats move up and down
along the stem. Each float is designed for a specific level. They can be in a horizontal or vertical
orientation. The magnet in the float passes over the reed opening or closing the circuit for a vertical
orientation and for a horizontal orientation, the float rotates away from the reed switch on a hinged arm.

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