End suction pumps for sale

End suction pumps for sale

What is an end suction pump?

End Suction Water Pumps is a type of centrifugal pump. End suction pumps are the most common configuration for centrifugal pumps, and the cheapest configuration in most cases. They are usually driven by an AC electric motor; other motor options are on the market.

Where is an end suction pump used ?

In reference to the End suction pump, there are many configurations available, it's versatility and low initial cost makes them a popular choice in the modern market. An end suction water pump would probably have the lowest initial cost for most applications, with reasonable efficiency. However, these pumps do not follow any standards, especially with regard to bearing life, shaft seal housings and dimensional interchangeability. They are also typically constructed with the lowest cost materials, such as cast iron casings with bronze or brass impellers. The impellers are typically of closed construction, without replaceable casing or impeller wearing rings. Further, there is typically more deviation from published performance, such as efficiency, for this pump type.

For non-critical, intermittent service applications these pumps may be the best choice. However, for critical applications, requiring long operating life, the cost of maintenance and down time may far exceed any initial cost savings.

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