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Water pump Pressure Gauge

A device used to measure fluid intensity, they are necessary for setting up troubleshooting in fluid machines. Pressure changes that could affect a hydraulic system are monitored through the use of pressure gauges. Usually, they are installed on the pump’s discharge port to monitor the system’s pressure this enables the operator to take note of any changes in the pressure of the system and find to correct the problems.

About Pressure Gauges

• Before installing a pressure gauge one should ask what is the purpose of the reading from the gauge. If there is no logical answer it is better not to install it and avoid installing unnecessary gauges in the system. This mentality will significantly reduce amount of pressure gauges used.
• They measure gauge pressure as they are designed to measure zero at any atmospheric pressure.
• Common failures are primarily caused by excessive vibrations and water condensation. Most components in the gauges(pivots, pinions and links) are sensitive to condensation and vibrations.  This makes filled pressure gauges better, the oil inside acts as a vibration damper(the higher the viscosity the better the damper) and as an incompressible fluid it does not allow air to enter hence no condensation.
•Some people claim you get the most accurate reading in the middle-third of the dial. When selecting your gauge it would be best to select a gauge that would allow your normal system’s range in the centre of the dial. Large gauges are generally more accurate than small gauges.

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