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This Zilmet MJSW-3BM pump is perfect for many hypro pump solutions.

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These pumps are suitable for pumping clean water and fluids which are not chemically aggressive to the pump components.They are extremely reliable, economical and simple to use, being particularly suitable for domestic applications such as the automatic distribution of water from small and medium-sized surge tanks,watering gardens,etc.These pumps should be installed in a covered area, protected against the weather. N.B. It is always advisable to install a foot valve or a non-retum valve on the suction opening.


The wide range of pumps in the MJSW series satisfies the most varied requirements with features such as :

  • high heads with respect to power requirements.
  • flat operating and power absorption curves, giving moderate curve variations with respect to large variations in delivery demand.
  • high tolerance of the presence of entrained air in the fluid to be pumped.
  • suction capacity up to 9 meters.


  • cast iron pump body
  • with thermal overload protector in single phase motor
  • protection IP44
  • brass impeller with centrifugal radial flow type