Wilo SPU4 01-38 1.1kw borehole pump

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The Wilo SPU4 range is for pumping water supply from boreholes and rainwater reservoirs; for domestic water supply, sprinkling and irrigation. These pumps are also suited for pressure boosting and lowering of the water level. These pumps should be pumping water without long-fibre or abrasive constituents.

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Wilo SPU4 01-38 1.1kw borehole pump

The Wilo SPU4 range.

This pump range is submersible, for vertical and horizontal installation.


Multistage submersible pump with radial or semi-axial impellers with a shroud design. Integrated non-return valve. All parts that come into contact with the fluid are made from corrosion-resistant materials.


Rewindable, corrosion-resistant alternating current motor or three-phase current motor for direct starting. Sealed using a mechanical seal with self-lubricating bearings with oil filling.


The motor is cooled by the fluid. The motor must always be immersed when operated. The limit value for the maximum fluid temperature may not be exceeded. The limit value for the minimum volume flow may not be exceeded. Vertical installation is possible with or without cooling shroud. A cooling shroud is required for horizontal installation.