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Vansan SCM2 surface pumps

R5 ,002.50R6 ,118.00

This is a twin impeller cast iron surface pump made for clean water domestic use and light irrigation with the appropriate equipment.


Vansan SCM2 surface pumps

Vansan SCM twin impeller centrifugal pump range

Vansan SCM2 twin-impeller Centrifugal End-Suction pump is ideal for those applications where just a little bit more pressure is needed. It is like having two Single-impeller pumps in one. An automatic pump flow controller can be fitted to the SCM2 pump. Applications include pressure boosting, irrigation and general water transfer.

Can be used to transfer clean water or other liquids similar to water in physical and chemical properties. This pump range is suitable for industrial use and urban water supply, pressure boosting for high buildings, firefighting, garden irrigation, long distance water transfer, heating ventilation and air controlling – also circulation and/or pressure boosting for cold and hot water, and supporting equipment etc.