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Vansan JET 100B 230V surface pump

R2 ,892.48 R2 ,645.00

This pump is an excellent choice for boosting household water pressure. It has enough power to be used for small scale irrigation and can be integrated with a water tank to make the system more efficient. The Jet pump has a 0.75kw 220V motor with starting capacitor that is replaced easily. Fitting the system with a pressure tank and pressure switch will deliver automation or Flow control.

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Vansan JET 100B 230V surface pump

Vansan JET pump range

Vansan JET Self-Priming Centrifugal pump is designed for applications where negative suction/suction lift is required. Ideal for domestic pressure boosting, small-scale garden irrigation, tanks & pools emptying and general water transfer applications. An automatic pump flow controller can be fitted to the JET pump.