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Reducing bush – upvc solvent weld / glued

R2.99R2 ,550.70

A reducing bush is a special fitting used to reduce the diameter of one side of a PVC fitting. This fitting should be solvent welded using a PVC solvent cement, which can be messy and should be used with a cleaner to fuse the pipes and fittings together.


Reducing bush – upvc solvent weld / glued

This Reducing bush is designed to be solvent welded into the socket of another fitting. This will allow for the attachment of a smaller sized pipe.

Reducing bushes will be needed when connecting piping or fittings of different sizes. They can also be used to transition from one pipe type or size to another. The reducing bush my be an essential part in the water system as it allows for situations where a pumps outlet or inlet maybe far bigger than necessary. By using a reducing bush the pipe used can be a fraction of the size saving money.

Keep in mine that when using a reducing bush on a pump careful decisions are needed as the fluid interacts with the reducing bush which causes vibrations.