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Super Solar 1500l 40m

R11 ,465.50

This submersible solar pump, pumps 1500l per hour at a height or depth of 40 meters.

*Solar panels excluded – each sold separately

Super Solar 1500l 40m

These solar submersible pumps are Highly efficient and Energy-saving. They incorporate brushless motors – instead using permanent magnets and an intelligent controller, this brushless Solar powered submersible pump runs a DC motor at high speed. This breaks the bottleneck issue of many traditional deep well pumps. This model ideally pumps 1500 liters per hour at a 40 meter depth/head or height.

Key features

  • Dry run protection
  • High speed and high efficiency
  • Built in control system
  • Brushless motor

A motor that uses brushes will need to be repaired and have them replaces once they are used up. This is a very big inconvenience when used in appliances like borehole or deep water well pumps, as they are an essential instrument to daily life and business. Therefore brushless motors add an extra aspect of reliability and longevity.