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Brass swing check valve – non return valve

R104.58R3 ,419.41

This Swing type non return valve will stop the flow of liquid through a pipeline if it runs in the opposite direction. The swing type check valve uses a hanging door with a rubber seal that will shut when the flow is changed or is static. When the flow would be reversed all the pressure it has is transformed into sealing pressure ensuring it does not flow in the wrong direction.


Brass swing check valve – non return valve

A swing check valve is a type of non return valve that uses a simple design to achieve the one-way flow of a liquid. The brass non return valve uses a disk that swings on a hinge. When fluid flows in the correction direction it pushes the disk open to allow fluid to flow in the correct direction. When the flow stops the disk closes to prevent back flow. Swing check valves are designed in a variety of sizes with different features to suit specific application types.