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Nickle plated brass ball valve full bore

R72.22R4 ,032.69

Brass Ball Valves are one of the most common ball valves that are utilized in plumbing. They are easy to work with and install, and suit many applications where corrosion resistance is not a big issue such as in water supply. Brass is a softer material as compared to stainless steel. This makes sealing brass ball valves easier.


Nickle plated brass ball valve full bore

Full bore Brass ball valves

One of the main benefits of using brass as a material is it’s malleability. This softer metal makes finding sealing products easier. Although corrosion resistance isn’t impervious, brass ball valves are perfect for water supply lines and they provide a long term, robust solution to flow control as compared to PVC ball valves which are easier to burst and break.


Brass Ball Valves can be used in residential and commercial plumbing, Water Well, water supply lines, irrigation, HVAC and many other applications.

what is the difference between brass and bronze

Brass is a softer material more  metal that is made up of copper and zinc. With Brass the alloy ratio will differ from manufacture to manufacture but in general the copper is the majority material

Bronze on the other hand is mainly made up of copper, with a small amount of other additives. Bronze is a higher quality metal and will be more expensive when compared to brass. Bronze is also harder and more corrosive-resistant than brass.