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Low pressure guage with a range of 0-600 kPa


Low pressure Gauge FSG-2 0-600 KPA

Pressure gauges are instruments used to measure the pressure of a gas or liquid inside a vessel and, often, to help ensure the optimal amount of pressure for a given application. Pressure gauges can range from everyday instruments, such as those used to measure the air pressure in a car or bicycle tire, to highly accurate gauges used in mechanical and industrial processing. Most often, pressure gauges measure pressure relative to another reference. For instance, gauge pressure measures pressure relative to ambient air or atmospheric pressure. An example of a pressure gauge measuring relative to ambient air is a tire pressure gauge or a blood pressure gauge. Differential pressure is the difference in pressure between two points, such as when measuring liquid flow along various points in a pipeline. An absolute pressure gauge measures pressure relative to a perfect vacuum, such as an atmospheric or barometric pressure gauge. All types of pressure gauges include either a male or a female mount to connect to the vessel where pressure is being measured, and display results on a dial with varying increments of measure across a given range.

What is KPA

kPa stands for Kilo-pascal; the kilopascal (kPa) is a unit of pressure measurement and it is widely used throughout the world which has largely replaced the pounds per square inch (psi) unit – except in some countries that still use the imperial measurement system or the US customary system, including the United States. This low pressure gauge can measure a range of 0-600 kPa.