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Jebao MA100 air pump

R5 ,750.00

Jecod/Jebao PA-100 PA Series Eco Air Pump The Jebao MA100 air pump is a better version of the PA100 which provides a max 100 litres of compressed air per minute which is thanks to its high quality and energy saving motor.

Jebao MA100 air pump

The aluminium case houses the pump which has a double damping noise absorbing function to reduce noise levels. The casing seals the motor allowing for the unit to be installed outside with rain causing no issues due to casing seals & design. Ideal for all aquaponics, aquaculture users as well as ponds.


  1. High-grade weatherproof aluminium casing
  2. Safe outside by the pond Low noise levels with noise reducing features Diaphragm air pump with twin air chambers for high air output Non-oil lubricated design for pure compressed air

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 220-240V
  •  Frequency: 50Hz
  •  Power: 60W
  •  Pressure: 0.045MPa
  •  Output: 100L/min
  •  Max water depth: 4.5m
  •  Reduced noise level
  •  Divider: 8 outlets
  •  Rating: Continuous
  •  Overall Dimension (cm): 24X 18X 17
  •  Comes with 12 Months Warranty