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Ebara 230v HT V1800DF sewage pump

R6 ,624.00 R3 ,602.95

HT V1800DF submersible pump 1.8 K.W, closed coupled cast iron water pump with a discharge of 75.

Ebara 230v HT V1800DF sewage pump

HT V1800DF

The V series sewage pumps, a branch of single phase and
three phase drainage pumps, will be your ideal drainage
helper. The letter “V” which substitutes for the letters “WQ”
indicates the distinct design of the filter and the broadness
of the high efficient area. It can work safely and efficiently
at high flux with the features of complete heads. It is designed to a wide tunnel which helps to convey the long fiber liquid or the solid whose diameter is about 15mm/25
mm/35mm. The selection of bottom suction structure,
stainless steel and cast iron make the pumps has the
capabilities of complete drain and high resistance of
abrasion and corrosion. The float switch can automatically
control the on/off of power when it overheated or over
currented, thus guarantee the security and reliability of
pump’s run even in the atrocious environment.

Applications of the HT V – water pump:

  • Water supply.
  • Fire-fighting systems.
  • Spray irrigation.
  • Irrigation and drainage.
  • Drinking water.
  • Service water.
  • Liquid handed: clear water or dirty water or other liquid similar to water in physical and chemical properties
  • Suitable to be immersed in water for lifting water from the well or the pool, and drainage water from the basement

Conditions of operation:

  • Liquid Temperature up to 35
  • Ambient Temperature up to 40


  • Pump casing made of engineering plastic
  • Pump can stay permanently submerged in water
  • With float switch for automatic cut-in/cut-out
  • Silent, maintenance-free capacitor running motor with thermal overload protection