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Ebara HT two stage 2 MCP surface pump

R4 ,600.00R6 ,555.00

This is a HT two stage surface pump sold by Ebara.


Ebara HT two stage 2 MCP surface pump

Two Stage HT 2MCP

This pump comes in models of 1.1Kw and 1.5kw both operating on 220V single phase. It is a twin Impeller Centrifugal Pump with Hydraulic Parts, made from Cast Iron. The HT 2MCP is an excellent Compact Pump Solution to increase water pressure from tanks or from low pressure municipal water supply, car washing, even emptying pools. Suitable for pressure boosting of water and non-aggressive liquids.


Domestic, Irrigation, Agricultural,Civil & Industrial. Installed in Enclosed places or at least protected against inclement weather conditions.