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HT HQB 5000 230v

R2 ,521.26 R2 ,269.13

HT HQB 5000 fountain pump consumes 150 watts, has a max head of 5 meters, it will pump an average maximum of 5500L/h, this pump has an outlet size of 25/30mm.

HT HQB 5000 230v

HT fountain pump HQB 5000

HT Pumps are an affordable decent quality fountain pumps. HT Pumps are designed and manufactured in according to the related latest international standard and the quality system. For cheap quality fountain pumps, our HT pump selection should impress.


Designed for circulating clean water in water features and fountains.
  • Low consumption, high efficiency
  • Completely waterproof
  • Pump body made of high-quality plastic which is anti-corrosive and long durable
  • Space between stator and rotor filled with pumped liquid, it is self-cooled and lubricated by pumped liquid
  • Multi-function, suitable for filter, fountain and circulation system