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Ebara CM single stage surface pump

R19 ,274.00R20 ,585.00

Proposed as an alternative surface pump to the Ebara MD range.


Ebara CM single stage surface pump

This Ebara CM centrifugal pump with a single impeller and cast iron body is available in models: CMA – CMB – CMC – CMD. The difference between the models is the impellers, shafts and motor mount can be made of different materials (see technical data sheet).

Throughout the series their compact size makes these centrifugal electric water pumps easy to install even in difficult to reach places or narrow space. Their sturdy and reliable structure allows for high performance in all clean water handling applications.

Applications range from:

  • Pressurization of domestic installations
  • Small-scale irrigation
  • Washing systems and vehicle washing
  • Handling of non-aggressive liquids for civil and industrial use