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C.R.I pumps DL 8L 11CS 220v 1.1kw drainage pump

R5 ,611.15

This DL-8L-11CS light waste water pump has an outlet size of 40mm operates on – 1.10 kilowatts; the impeller type is a Closed Multi Channel/POP, and conveniently come with a float switch.

C.R.I pumps DL 8L 11CS 220v 1.1kw drainage pump

With the excellence gained in pump technology over the period of 50 years C.R.I. has introduced highly efficient and
reliable sewage & drainage pumps in a comprehensive range. These pumps are available with different materials of
construction and feature a multitude of applications in waste water handling and treatment.


  • Draining sewage water from hotels, houses, commercial buildings, complexes etc.
  • Pumping waste water in industries
  • Tunnels and mines
  • Pumping sewage water from stock farm and manhole sewer
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Pumping municipal sewage water
  • Septic tanks
  • Leather factories