Booster pump | Increased water pressure

booster pump

Need more water pressure in your commercial building or residential house ?

We will design, install, commission and maintain your water pressure booster system.


We offer a vast range of solutions that includes water collection, rainwater harvesting, water tanks for water storage and booster pump systems, to cater for your specific needs.booster pump with controller

Struggling with low water pressure in your building ?

Contact our specialist team of advisers to assist you with a start-to-finish turn key solution, that suits your needs.


A Water pressure booster system usually consists of the following items:

  1. a water storage container, like a reservoir or rain water harvesting tank. This is used to store water in case of a loss in municipal supply, or general storage.
  2. a pump (or set of pumps) that will increase the flow and pressure in the house or building.
  3. a pump controller like a pressure switch, flow controller, or Variable speed drive. This will start and stop the pump(s) automatically as the taps are opened and closed inside the building.
  4. a pressure vessel can also be installed to work as a buffer in the line, this will save you electricity
  5. electrical control panels are also installed together with the system to control, and protect the pumps from damage in case of dry running etc.