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Slurry pumps

At SuperPump, we supply a wide range of abrasion and corrosion resistant slurry pumps. We offer metal as well as rubber lined centrifugal slurry pumps, submersible slurry pumps as well as vertical spindle slurry pumps   Please contact us for more details on slurry pumps  
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Pump Baseplate Fabrication

At SuperPump fabricate baseplates for all kinds of pumps, regardless of type and size. We offer top hat baseplates and channel baseplate with the options of stainless steel, galvanized or paint as a finish. We can also fit your pump, and align the pump and motor before and during commissioning.
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Shimge pumps

Shimge pumps Shimge Pump Group is a Chinese pump manufacturer, offering products for both agricultural and domestic use. Our main products are the frequency converter circulation pump, centrifugal pump, as well as submersible, deep well, and sewage pumps. We are a joint-stock listed company and our code is 002532. After nearly 30 years of growth,…
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KSB pumps

KSB pumps KSB is the brand with the greatest technical expertise in pumps and valves. This approach means that KSB employees are close to customers on all continents, providing them with pumps and valves for almost all applications involving the transportation of fluids. A comprehensive range of services rounds off this customer-focused portfolio. KSB has…
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