Portfolio Category: Water pump rentals

Diesel Water pumps

We have trailer mounted, or skid mounted diesel driven water pumps available to rent. From 4" up to 12" that can be used for de-watering / draining of sewage water, emptying dams as well as construction or mining industries. With flows up to 3000 cubic meters of water per our, and heads of up to…
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Petrol and Diesel pumps

Portable Petrol and Diesel pumps for sale We have a wide range of 2" up to 4" portable carry-frame petrol and diesel pumps for sale. These pumps can be used for irrigation, farmin, chemical transfer, sludge and sewage transfer and normal dewatering. We also provide all the layflat hose, and suction hoses with strainers. Please…
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Submersible dewatering pumps

Submersible pumps for sale Construction de watering is a common occurrence on construction sites. Rainwater and groundwater are often trapped within the excavation and this water must be removed before certain operations can be performed or to keep work conditions safe. Optimum construction project conditions can be maintained with the use of de watering pumps.…
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