Water pump Rental

Water pump rentals & pump hire

water pump hire | Junk MailSuperPump offers pump rental and pump hire services to both the residential
as well as the commercial markets.

With a wide range of rental pumps available, we can assist you with the
ideal selection, that will suit your budget and project requirements.

What pumps can I rent out ?

We offer rentals of diesel driven dewatering pumps, from 2" up to 12" that can be used
in clean water or sewage applications.
We also offer electric submersible pumps which are popular and ideal for clean water, sludge or slurry applications.

We don't only rent out the pumps

We offer a complete and fully managed outsourced dewatering solution. If you need to get the job done outsourcing professionals are often the best and most economical solution. We will take care of your project from start to end.

Our water pumps are for hire on both daily and monthly rates, depending on your needs

Should you rent a pump or buy a water pump ?
Water Pump Rental | Different types of pumps for construction sites

Whether you should buy a pump or rent one is an important question because to make a mistake in this area will lead to wasted money.

Deciding to buy a pump is easy to determine if you plan to use the pump for a long period of time and continuously. However, if the pump is a heavy duty, expensive one, a cost analysis will need to be done.
Multiply the rate of renting the pump with the maximum duration you expect to use the pump
rate x period = cost 

If the cost of renting the pump is greater than the purchasing of the pump it would be best to purchase the pump.