Shimge pumps

Shimge pumps

Shimge Pump Group is a Chinese pump manufacturer, offering products for both agricultural and domestic use. Our main products are the frequency converter circulation pump, centrifugal pump, as well as submersible, deep well, and sewage pumps.

We are a joint-stock listed company and our code is 002532. After nearly 30 years of growth, Shimge is now the leading producer of agricultural pumps in China.
Our company was established in 1984 in the Dayangcheng industrial zone, Daxi town, in Wenling City, Zhejiang province, which the center of the Chinese water pump industry. Our factory spans over 140,000 square meters, with a building area over 120,000 square meters, and our registered capital is 160 million CNY. We now have six business divisions in addition to six sub-companies.

We employ approximately 1855 people, 239 of whom have earned bachelor's degrees or higher, over a third have graduated from junior college or technical secondary school, and over ten percent of are technical personnel.
Our annual production capacity is 2 million sets, and these products are divided into 12 categories with over 2000 models.

Our pumps are used in several different fields including metallurgy, mining, refrigeration, agricultural irrigation, municipal work, domestic water supply, water lifting in pump stations, water supply for buildings, sewage/clean water disposal, heating and ventilating, industrial water supply, and efficient oxygenation in the breeding industry.

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