Sewage and waste water pumps for sale

What are sewage pumps used for ?

a private sewage well that pumps sewage to the main line according to the level sensed by the hanging float switches

Sewage pumps have a special job of transporting sewage away from residents which keeps low laying suburbs hazardous free. Rural areas that do not have sewage systems can make use of sewage pump to convey sewage from the area to a designated zone. Sewage pumps need to be considered carefully for their application as they are designed to pass solids hole which could be problematic for the pipeline.

What is a sewage pump ?

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A sewage pump can be described as a pump that has "solid handling capabilities", non-clog pump and other similar terms. A good reference for the amount of "solid handling" ability is the diameter of the solids that the pump can pass - 2 inch is suited for most domestic applications. A natural design feature for sewage pumps is having a large opening in the bottom of the pump; typically a lot of free space inside of the volute to prevent clogging from pumped material.

A sewage pump has many common features with other type of pump that should not be confused as their applications and duties differ greatly. A sewage pump is capable and designed to pass solids hole. However a grinder pump is a different type of pump that can do the same duties as a sewage pump but the grinder pump will blend the passing solids into a slurry which is undesirable when dealing with sewage.

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