Water pump rental : Sulzer ABS Robusta 300 TS

Water pump rental : Sulzer ABS Robusta 300 TS

Clean water Pump Type, Sulzer ABS Robusta 300TS

Duty : 3000 liters per hour @ 7.5m head
Cost : R150.00 per day
Deposit : R1250.00
Power : Single phase, 230V
Includes: 10m Layflat hose ; 10m cable


Plug-in, submersible pump, for the removal of wastewater containing solids up to 10 mm.

The Robusta 200 and 300 series has been designed for fixed or
transportable installation, and for internal or external
applications such as emptying containers and drainage pits,
draining of swimming pools or flooded cellars.

* Single-phase, 50 Hz, 2-pole motor; insulation class B; protection type IP 68. Motor is dynamically balanced with stainless steel shaft. Thermal sensors in the stator switch off the pump in the case of overheating and automatically switch it back on after cooling down.
* The stainless steel rotor shaft is supported in lubricated-for-life ball bearings.
* Connection chamber with cover and watertight cable inlet and strain relief.
* Discharge outlet with internal thread, built-in checkvalve, and
detachable multi-stage hose adaptor.
* Shaft sealing is by three lip seals, single at the motor side and double at the medium side, separated and lubricated by a grease chamber.
* The medium being pumped flows around the motor housing for optimum heat dissipation. The maximum allowable medium temperature is 40 °C; or up to 60 °C for intermittent usage (max 5 minutes).
* Built-in automatic level control, with easily removable float cover for cleaning purposes.
* Integrated switch for manual operation in transportable applications.
* Bayonet clamping allows the screen to be removed by hand in the event an impeller inspection is necessary.

* Robusta is fitted with an automatic level control. For transportable applications, the Hand-Auto switch can be set to manual operation.
* The check valve built into the discharge outlet blocks return- flow from the discharge line when the pump is switched off.
* Checkvalve, hose adaptor and 10 m cable with Schuko plug included as standard.
* Suitable for small sumps (from 300 x 300 mm).
* Detachable suction ring. When fitted into the impeller screen allows pumping down to 3 mm (manual operation only).

Download <a href="http://www.superpump.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Robusta_200_300_TDS.pdf"rel="">Sulzer ABS Robusta 300 Datasheet download</a>