Pump Repairs

We repair and refurbish old pumps. We will collect repair and re-install if you need.

Sometimes your water pump will stop working and you should read our article on how to run through some basic troubleshooting for your peripheral pump. Hopefully the issue is easily resolved but inevitably your pump will reach it's limit. One of the worst issues that your pump could have is having it's motor burn out this image shows obvious evidence the motor has burnt out.Seaflo Pump Review - vs. Shurflo 9300 Solar Water Pump

Superpump has a dedicated workshop that repairs and maintains pumps, in such cases where the damage is too great it is more economical to get a new pump. SuperPump can easily find you the same or equivalent pump to be replace a destroyed pump with our large pump variety, you will have solutions available.

What is our pump repair process ?

In less serious situations we have access to a wide range of pump parts which we can use to replace the damaged areas of your pump. We do not do anything without your approval therefore when parts are needed you will be informed and quoted before the repair happens so you do not have unexpected charges.

We first take the pump in for a diagnosis, then once the issue is identified we can begin the solution to get your pump working again. This may involve re-wiring, replacing parts, removing jammed objects, reconnecting terminals along with other techniques and methods. Should the issue with the pump be great it is often recommended that the pump be replaced entirely. If that should be the case our team will suggest a replacement that may be the same as your old pump or a different one with better performance or reliability. It is very dependant on you - the client - more affordable solutions can be offered according to your budget or intentions for the pump. Alternatively more robust and reliable pumps can be offered to minimise the stress of having your equipment fail. It is important our team gets a good, clear idea of how the pump will be used and what it will be pumping so they can recommend the most appropriate water pump.

If you know what you're looking for head over to our online shop to purchase your pump.